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Welcome to the Aeromedical Evacuation Association Website (AMEA).  Use the selections along the top of this screen to navigate around the web site. To visit the members only AMEA website, click the “Member Login” link above.

We at the AMEA extend a cordial invitation to all of you in the extended Aeromedical family to join our association. The AMEA is much like any commemorative group formed for the purpose of enabling those with a ‘common core of experience’ to join and belong to an organization dedicated to encouraging camaraderie, recognizing the group’s historical significance, and building, maintaining, and expanding a network membership in the interests of planning and hosting exciting, memorable REUNIONS for the enjoyment of it’s members. For the AMEA, anyone who was assigned to Aeromedical organizations (57th AES, 9th AES, 2nd AES, etc.) including Reserve and Guard units are welcome and highly encouraged to join. This invitation extends to not only flyers but administrative personnel as well (Supply, MSC’s, PAC folks, ASTSs, etc.), in effect the entire Air Evac family. Membership is also open to Widows, Widowers, and children whose parents and spouses served in any Aeromed Evac Unit.

Those of you who were a part of Air Evac know what an absolutely unique experience it was. In many cases it was the high point ‘of’, and in some cases the central reason ‘for’ an individual’s Air Force career. Have you ever reminisced about those incredible days which only those who experienced Air Evac first hand can understand? Do you wish there was a way to reconnect with those wonderful memories while rekindling the very friendships which made those memories so special? If so you’re in the right place, because the AMEA exists for not only the purpose of preserving those memories, but also for making new ones. You see, if you were a part of Air Evac, you are an integral part of that story, and that story is ongoing. Moreover, you’re family.

Again, we at the AMEA cordially invite you to join our organization and look forward to seeing you at our next reunion. It is truly difficult to express in words how wonderful it is to be reunited with those who share such unique and wonderful experiences in the very special world of global Aeromedical Evacuation. So JOIN today and get started. The next reunion is even now in the process of being planned for your enjoyment.

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NOTE: Be advised that certain areas of the web site, such as the Members Area, are password protected and available to AMEA Members Only. If you have requested an account for ‘Member Only’ Access, but are not currently a member, you may JOIN now.  If you are unable to login and you are a life member or paid current with your membership dues, use the forgotten password feature to recover your username and password.  If you are unable to login after that, click ‘Help’ next to ‘Member Login’ for suggestions. If you still need assistance, e-mail Sam Kittle and he’ll look into it.  skittle (at) amea.us